What's Alice's story?

Alice follows a white rabbit into its hole and comes to a magical, imaginative and exciting world. She experiences extraordinary adventures on her journey through Wonderland, meeting new and marvelous creatures including the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, and the Cheshire Cat.

Who are the main figures?

Alice is the main character of the story as she journeys through Wonderland. The White Rabbit with its curious pocket watch is the starting point for Alice's adventure. The Cheshire Cat, famous for its grin, is just one of the strange characters she encounters. The Mad Hatter meets Alice at the famous tea party. Of course there are many more characters within the story. To get more information about them, read the book!

What are Pocket Code and Scratch?

Pocket Code and Scratch are two great tools to learn coding, easily create games, animations or stories and are perfectly appropriate for educational use. Whereas Pocket Code just can be used on mobile devices like smartphones or tablet to create apps, Scratch is for Computers and can also be used within the web. However, both frameworks use a similar visual programming language, which can be learned without any previous knowledge. For more information take a look at the website of Pocket Code or Scratch.

How to get into Coding?

We provided some great information for beginners which you should check out. There you can find some free examples, Tutorials and HowTos for Pocket Code and Scratch.

Is it free?

Your participation in the Alice Game Jam is totally free.

The Pocket Code app is perpetually provided free of any charge on Google Play and will never include any in-App purchases or ads. You can download all programs made with Pocket Code by others from all over the world without any registration. You set up an account with us only when you upload your own first program you created with Pocket Code.

Also Scratch is provided for free on their website scratch.mit.edu and is availabe in many different languages. More detailed information about Scratch, its possibilities for education and appearance worldwide can also be found on this website.

Who is behind Pocket Code?

Pocket Code is provided by the non-profit Catrobat organization which aim is to provide free educational apps. Around 300 volunteers from all over the world work on the project to create apps and possibilities for teenagers and education. More information can be found on our website www.catrobat.org.

Which content, sounds or graphics I may use?

We don't restrict you in any way on such creative decisions. Nevertheless please be aware of the right of others, so please make sure you are allowed to use any content, and give attribution to the work of others you have used in the description of your submission. There are many free sources which offer content under Creative Commons or similar open-to-use licenses. A good source to find content under a Creative Common license is search.creativecommons.org.

Where can I find information about licenses in the Game Jam?

All programs and content submitted by yourself as part of the Alice Game Jam, unless specified otherwise, is licensed under free open source and creative commons licenses. These licenses allow the redistribution and adaptation of the material for all purposes as long as it is properly attributed and shared under the same license.

You can find detailed information about licenses on developer.catrobat.org.

What do I have to bear in mind if I want to participate?

The Theme, Rules, Information about the Jury and many more Details which are important about the Jam can be found on our website under "Event" and "Participate". To be part of our Alice Game Jam just follow these instructions and that's it!

Where do I have to register and submit my app?

To register for the Jam special links to a form are provided at "Participate". All information will be handled with care - more information at Terms&Privacy.

To submit your finished game please tag it with #AliceGameJam in the description of the project and upload it to your relative community (Pocket Code or Scratch). You can upload revised versions of your game under the same name and account as often as you want.

What will happen after we submit our game?

After the deadline all projects will be displayed on our Wall of Fame where you have the possibility to share it with your family, friends and the whole world. After the GameJam we will raffle off some prizes and give aways to the participants. To stay tuned and get all information you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ or subscribe our Newsletter.

What are the prizes?

All participants who submitted a game, animation or story which fulfills the requirements stated on the main page will have the chance to win some great prizes and give-aways at our raffle.

Further information about the raffle, terms and conditions and some details about the prizes will be published here in good time before the AliceGameJam in December.

How can I contact you?

If you need any further information, advice or anything else, you may contact us via our social media sites which are linked on the bottom. You may also use the "Contact" link on the bottom to write us an E-mail, which we will try to answer as soon as possible.

Can we get more news and information about this Game Jam?

To keep you up to date we provide regular updates on our social media pages. Additionally you can subscribe our newsletter to get all news and updates for the Alice Game Jam.

What can I do if I want to support the Alice Game Jam?

There are many ways how you can help! One way is to encourage your friends and family to participate, and to spread the news, e.g., by posting about the Alice Game Jam to your social media channels! Another phantastic way would be if you could organize a local AliceGameJam event in your area! Get together with other kids, teachers, or coding clubs, and work together with them on great Alice-themed projects during this week! If possible please share your activities with or on our Google+, FaceBook, or Twitter channels, and please also post photos or other reports after your event!

If you want to help promoting the Alice Game Jam we provide templates for posters you may hang out, e.g., in schools (age range: 8-18) directly before or at the beginning of the Alice Game Jam. Links to high definition jpgs of the A2-sized posters (approximately four times US letter size) are provided below, and pdfs of the posters are available here). If your native language isn't English, there are posters without text to which you can add text translated to your language. You can also add logos of sponsors if needed! Please change the posters in any way that best suits your needs, and please send an email to alice@alicegamejam.com if you can help distribute or send posters. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!